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4th-Apr-2012 02:53 pm - Adobe Digital Editions and Ebooks
cat dreaming
Dear LJ Genie, who knows all about ebooks and ebook software:

I purchased an ebook through Kobo.com, thinking I would be able to read it either on the Kobo app on my iPod Touch or on the Kobo desktop application. However, the book didn't show up in my Kobo library. I emailed Kobo, and they told me that this book is only readable through Adobe Digital Editions -- in fact, the DRM is specifically linked to Adobe Digital Editions. You can't read it on iPods or iPhones or any other smartphone, nor on the Kobo desktop app. You can't get the ePub file on your computer without having Adobe Digital Editions successfully installed on your computer, so you can't use another ePub reader to read the book.

I have tried multiple times to install Adobe Digital Editions on my desktop computers (two of them) and on my laptop computer. Every time I try, I get the same message: "Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED." Every Google search I do tells me that I must open the ebook (using Adobe Digital Editions) the moment I download it, or I will get this error. The problem is, I get this error when I have no ebooks on my computer. I get this error when I am trying to install the Adobe software for the first time.

The Adobe help page says that this error means my computer clock is wrong. They don't give me any way of me finding out HOW it is wrong. Is it fast? Is it slow? Is it off by two minutes, one minute, 30 seconds?

I use a program called Chameleon Clock on my computers, so I disabled Chameleon Clock to see if that made a difference. It did not. Still the same error. My computer's clock settings tell me that the time is checked multiple times a day using Internet time synchronization.

I've tried asking Kobo for a refund because I cannot read their book, but they tell me that there is nothing WRONG with their book; there is something wrong with my computer, and that's not their fault, so no refund for me. They tell me they are able to run Adobe Digital Editions just fine, and they are able to open the book just fine, so it's not their problem.

What the heck am I supposed to do? I don't want to buy another copy of this book from Amazon when I've already bought and paid for it from Kobo. But I've tried multiple times to install Adobe Digital Editions and no matter what I do, it won't install. So now I've wasted the money I spent on this book with no way to get it back.
29th-Mar-2012 12:54 pm - Help for a sick kitty.....
Leia is hope
O Great LJ Genie, who knows of all things feline.....

My friend's cat seems to be suffering from an illness/issue that is really rather odd. For the past week or so, this kitty has been refusing to eat, but otherwise acting normal. She was lethargic for a while, but now is back to her old self except just not eating unless force-fed. What could be going on with her? Is she just in a mood? She's a young cat & hasn't suffered any stresses in her home. My friend is going to take her to a vet, but we'd like to know what this could possibly be. Any ideas, fellow cat people?

Thanks! :)

20th-Mar-2012 10:53 am - Catching Fire?
purple porcupine
I finally read The Hunger Games and now it's time for Catching Fire. I'm trying to order it, but I'm confused. Amazon has a listing for it in paperback including both 10 and 13 digit ISBNs, but Amazon itself isn't selling it, only third parties, and Barnes & Noble doesn't list a paperback at all. A couple used book sites have listings for paperback copies. Googling the ISBN doesn't give many results. All this is the same for Mockingjay.

So please, wise ljgenie, tell me - are Catching Fire and Mockingjay available in paperback or not?
19th-Mar-2012 06:18 pm - Help me identify a Palm Pilot
lion daniel
Dear LJ Genie, who can identify every digital organizer ever made:

A number of years ago I bought a Palm Pilot. I stopped using it when I got a cell phone and an iPod Touch. Now I want to give it to someone who wants a digital organizer, but I lost the instruction book long ago. I thought I'd look for an instruction book online. The problem is that I have no idea what model it is. I've Googled over and over again for "Palm Pilot" "Handspring" and "Palm Treo" but none of the pictures comes up with anything that remotely resembles my device.

Here are a couple of pictures of it. Can anyone tell me what it is? P.S. It's not a phone, even thought it is apparently a Treo.

Read more...Collapse )
29th-Feb-2012 05:47 pm - Foreign language typing......
Leia is hope
O Great LJ Genie who never has a daft moment!

I must be the most daft bird on the Goddess's green Earth cos I just cannot figure this one out! Does anyone happen to know how to add accent marks, etc. when typing in a foreign language? I need to know cos the fic I'm currently working on includes numerous instances of characters speaking in his/her native language. As I'm using Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Irish Gaelic, I kinda need to make the sentences correct. Help? *head-desk*

Thanks! :)
18th-Feb-2012 12:09 am - Photo editing
Barrowman kilt
Dear LJ Genie, who never has any trouble understanding help files:

I'm sure you've seen the "What X thinks I do" meme. Most of it is about people's jobs, and it consists of a black border with (usually) six different pictures inside it, with text saying "This is what my parents think I do/this is what my friends think I do/etc."

I haven't been able to find one for my job specifically, so I thought I'd create one to share with my co-workers. However, unlike many online memes, there isn't a simple way to do that the way there is with LOLCats and motivational posters. I have to download the outline (the black background and six empty spaces) and actually use a photo-editing program to make the meme.

The problem is, I do not at all understand photo editing programs. I've tried a trial version of Paint Shop Pro. I've tried MS Photo Editor. I've tried GIMP. But the help files for these programs talk about things like vectors, rasters, layers, composition, sharpness, contrast, and all sorts of other words that I do not understand. There is no "this is how you add six different pictures to an already-existing picture and this is how you add text to the pictures" that is explained in plain English -- "Choose this menu option, drag and drop the photo you want, and ta-da, you're done." No, instead they talk about "do this with this layer, do that with that layer, do this other thing with this other layer. Use the Force, look into a mirror and repeat 'Candyman' three times. Oh, and you'll have to learn another language. Maybe Greek would be good."

I don't want vectors, rasters, layers, thingummybobs, whatzits, or whozits. I just want to know how the heck to edit this template I have (it's in .jpg format) to paste a bunch of different pictures and text on to it, explained in language that an average five-year-old can understand, rather than in language that someone with 20 years of experience in photo editing can understand, and not using software that I have to pay for. (I have MS Office 2000 and MS Office 2010. I have GIMP but I don't understand it. I have MS Photo Editor but it is a very basic program that crops, resizes, and changes colours and brightness and contrast.)

LJ Genie, is there any free program out there that can do what I want and that has help files that aren't written in professional-photo-editor language? Or is there any source to translate the GIMP help files into language that I can actually understand?
marcus 2013
Oh most noble and multi-threaded ljgenie, whose mastery of Adobe Acrobat vastly exceeds mine, I have a small problem.

I converted an old (copyright-expired) book to HTML - it's basically a police manual from 1912 covering a large number of topics in alphabetical order by subject, lots of "see xxx" references between entries, and a huge index with a couple of thousand topics, some leading to four or five pages. All of which I converted to HTML links, and it took me several days to get it all to work.

The HTML version works well, but when I put it on line a couple of people immediately asked if I could convert it to PDF. The snag, of course, is that it's a fairly big document with all those thousands of links and references, and I really don't want to have to create them all again. The way I ended up doing it was to convert the front introductory material, which didn't include many links, to Word files and tidy them up, but leave all the rest - the main encyclopaedia, the appendices, and the index - as HTML, and create the PDF from those files.

It actually worked pretty well, but there is one annoying problem - in the HTML sections Acrobat insisted on putting the file title at top of every page, and the file location and other data at the bottom, which I feel spoils the look of the page.

screen shotCollapse )

To see what I'm talking about in the real document, the HTML version is here
With a link to the PDF version on that page - in the PDF the problem starts at page 12.

What I want to do is get rid of the file location data at the bottom of these pages - or rather, create the document again without it. There are some other minor layout problems I want to fix, but it feels a bit pointless if I can't get rid of the file location garbage.

Any suggestions, ljgenie?

Later Forgot to say that I'm using Acrobat version 7.1, and can't afford to upgrade to anything newer.

Found a solution of sorts - Acrobat lets you crop pages, so I've taken off 1/4" top and bottom, which eliminates the headers and footers. The snag is that it leaves the pages a slightly non-standard size.

What would be great is if a few people could take a look and see if it works for them, maybe try printing a couple of pages to see if the weird size causes problems.

Thanks again, ljgenie, I think talking it through here helped considerably.
24th-Jan-2012 02:26 pm(no subject)
Dearest LJ Genie, you who know so much about (free) image-editing software that can run on a weenie little Eee, please aid me!

When I travel, I take the little Eee with me. Eee works fine for most of my travel needs, but it chokes on photo editing. I need something that can run on Windows7 that's very lightweight. All I really need it to do is crop/resize/basic corrections. I have a copy of PS Elements on it and the poor thing can barely open an image. I tried Paint, which it and I both hated.

Is there something I can download to edit photos that this poor little machine can run?
21st-Jan-2012 10:13 am - Babylon 5 Love Quotes

My now husband and I are looking for a quote to put in our thank you notes. We are both huge B5 fans; the inscription in my ring is "no shadows fall" from the line that both Sheridan and Delenn say to each other.

Not having seen the series recently, do any of you have any suggestions for quotes? It does not have to use the word "love".

Thank you!

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18th-Jan-2012 12:48 pm(no subject)
Lisbeth earring
I'm using OpenOffice, saving my files as a Word file, and noticed that little boxes are appearing where the start quotation mark and first letter of the word should be. The ending quotation mark gets erased as well. So, why is this happening, and how do I stop it? Should I save the files as the default ODT? Use a different word proccessor? My computer didn't come with anything, or I would. Copy-pasting the text into word also copies the boxes.
15th-Jan-2012 12:28 am - Data recovery
antenna girl
Dear LJ Genie,

The other night while backing up some files to it, my 2 TB external drive glitchhed somehow. Windows reported the file structures as corrupted. When removed an reattached, it shows up in Windows as a 0 byte partition.

Is there any *free* way to try to recover some of the 1.5 TB of files that were on it (most were backups of other drives, but some aren't).

If not any recommendations for paid data recovery?

15th-Jan-2012 08:50 am - Wii Hacking
Dear LJgenie,

It's been a long time since my last confession, and I know I'm a little late to the party on this but...

Are there any wii (4.3E) hacker folk out there? I have homebrew on, but I'm having issues with installing my cIOS stuff to get loading games off a USB to work. (I'm trying to avoid downgrading my to earlier versions while doing this). I have priiloader on too.

Most guides out there aren't neccesarily up to date for 4.3, and the one I found didn't seem to do all I needed it to do.

7th-Jan-2012 05:57 pm - cloning laptop drive
antenna girl
Dear LJ Genie,

I got given an older laptop by a friend. I've got it rrunning, but the HzD is painfully small. I've got a larger drive I could put in it, but since I don't have a restore CD (I *do* have the Windows XP CD & insytall code for it though) I neded to find a way to "clone" the old drive onto the larger one.

On a desktop, I'd just h0ook up both drives and use my old copy of Drive Copy.

But on the laptop, I can't do that because the only way to attach a second drive is via an external USB drive enclosure. And Droive Copy 4 doesn't support USB drives.

Any suggestions?

I also have Drive Image 6 & 7, and Partition Magic (don't recall the version) if those would help.

I'm hoping to avoid buying more software.
5th-Jan-2012 10:29 pm - Windows Malicious Software Removal
antenna girl
Dear LJ Genie,

I've been working on an old laptop a friend gave me. After downloading 99 updates for Windows XP & related stuff, and doing the required restart, I came back to find a tiny notice at the bottom of the screen that Windows Malicious Software Removal and removed some malicious software. But I accidentally bumped the mouse and it went away.

I'm wondering if there's any way to find out *what* it removed? Some sort of logs or something?

Partly because I don't trust it 100% and partly because I want to be able to track things down if it really was some malware on the system (as in my friend might have it on other computers).

3rd-Jan-2012 03:46 pm - windows XP backups
Dear Genie,

In backing up my hard drive--data only, not my operating system or programs--onto an external drive, is there any reason to use the Windows backup utility (which generates that one big .bkf file) instead of just creating a mirror of my files? It seems individual files would be more useful because then if I accidentally delete an mp3 or something, I can just hook up my external drive and copy the one file back to my internal hard drive. I can't do that easily (AFAIK) from a .bkf backup, and I *think* the bkf file is about the same size as the individual files that its backing up.

Bonus question: do you recommend any particular free backup utilities (of the sort that will just mirror my files) that works with XP that I could run manually every so often to copy any new or changed files onto my external hard drive?
28th-Dec-2011 09:10 pm(no subject)
Florges [pokémon]
Oh wonderous LJ Genie,

I come to you on behalf of my mother-in-law. She has a Packard Bell laptop, which had Windows XP home edition originally. Well, she bought Vista, upgraded her netbook, which went fine, and did the same with the laptop (having lost the XP disk). It installed fine, however, when she booted the laptop up, it can't find the wireless card inside it.

This wasn't a problem when it ran XP; I think it may be an XP specific wireless card or something. When I tried to help it locate the driver, the machine told me it couldn't find any software or hardware that matches the card.

Please help me Obi Wan Genieobi!
22nd-Dec-2011 03:19 pm - TV/DVD player issues
Dear LJGenie-

I am (almost) a complete idiot when it comes to electronics. I know just enough to be dangerous. My parents, however, especially my stepdad, are complete idiots when it comes to things like this, and therefore it has fallen to me to figure out how to make this work. They have a MUCH older model TV that we would like to hook a DVD player up to, and there are no "input" thingies on the back. It looks like there was a place for them, but the manufacturer decided against adding them at the last minute and just added plastic bits. I tried google images for a picture and nothing even close came up. Any ideas for how to make this work? I'd be eternally grateful. :)
licensed to ill
Trying to add a paypal buy now button code into my webpage using soho launch web editing tool provided by hostpapa.com
When I paste the code into the page (HTML view) and save, the whole page's content gets wiped out.
Help me please, all knowing LJgenie.
26th-Nov-2011 02:59 pm - Open office
Dear LJ Genie, who knows everything there is to know about open-source office suites:

I am using Open Office to do some transcription work. (I normally do everything in Open Office Writer, and then copy it over to MS Word before giving it to the client.) I was using Open Office version 3, but found that the latest version is 3.3, so I decided to update. However, when I clicked "search for updates" the program told me that it couldn't connect to the server.

So I downloaded version 3.3 straight from the website, and I ran the installer, assuming (mistakenly, it turned out) that it would overwrite version 3. But when I clicked the "Open Office 3.3" icon on my desktop, my computer immediately opened version 3.

I went to my control panel and uninstalled Open Office, and then I re-ran the installation program. Same problem; my computer opens only version 3. I figured that if I uninstalled version 3, then I could install 3.3. Version 3 is still on my computer, but it doesn't show up in the control panel when I go to add/remove programs.

My computer is currently running Windows XP Pro, service pack 3, if that makes any difference. The openoffice.org website says that the product is compatible with XP. My laptop, which runs Windows 7, has no trouble running version 3.3, but I prefer doing my transcription work on my desktop computer.

Why will my computer not run Open Office 3.3?
Leia is hope
O Great LJ Genie who is never at a loss for an answer!

I'm writing a story & need to know a couple of things in order to make the opening chapters accurate and believable:

1.) Do British police officers, specifically plainclothes detective inspectors who work predominantly undercover, ever carry guns? If not, what would a copper do to protect themselves? If yes to carrying guns, could the DI ever take that weapon home, or would he/she keep it at their station in a weapons locker? 

2.) What is said during an arrest? In the States, we have the Miranda warning. Y'know, "You have the right to remain silent..." I think I've heard something similar spoken by Andy in a Torchwood radio play. What is the exact wording for a Brit officer to speak to a perp?

3.) Can British police carry weapons over international borders?

It'd be great if anyone knows of any websites that I could use as references. Thanks! :)
18th-Nov-2011 01:24 pm - On the hunt
Cold and Tired
Dear Great Grand and Glorious LJ-Genie, who is a vast wealth of opinions,

My car is old and I've managed to talk the wife into purchasing a new/used one next year. I had had my heart set on something, but after a test drive I was reminded that the SUV is just not for me, hybrid or not.

I travel long distances with 2 other adults, so I need a sedan (preferably 4 door) with head and leg room. My need for a great mile per gallon is high, as is plenty of visual through the rear window. The automatic trans is a must!

The great qualm here is I live in Colorado, on a hill. I have to back my car out every day and if I do it wrong, my 190inch long old Taurus will scrape the pavement, so something with ground clearance more than 5 inches is must as well. And preferably with not a lot of length on it it or a trunk that sits a little high but doesn't reduce the back window too much.

I'm looking for something around 2009 to 2011 year wise.
I've done a lot of looking and I have a small list of test drives to go.
I'd love thoughts, opinions on what to try and what not to try. I need something that will last a while and expects to be driven daily. (a little get up and go attitude car is my ideal too!)
My top three choices at this moment are a Kia Rio Forte, a Honda Civic, and a Hyundai Sonata. (Hybrid and e85/flex fuel are a plus!)

Thank you, your wondrous-ness!

Edit* I sat in a Kia Soul today... Opinions? It was a manual so I didn't get to drive it.
16th-Nov-2011 01:20 am - How to edit others' msgs on Skype
Dear my beloved omniscient LJgenie,

I have to come to your help as I've no luck in unraveling a mystery happened on Skype, after my numerous attempts of finding the answer on the Internet. Here it goes:

How do you edit someone's post on Skype in group chat if you're not the creator? This mystery happened today at work when my colleague edited some of our msgs on skype to make fun of us. However, to my understanding, only the creator of the group chat can edit msgs of others. She isn't a creator but a user like the other of us. So tell me, would you wise ljgenie clear this puzzlement so I could happily sound asleep tonight? As a non-techno savvy, I'm helplessly clueless here, such a shame, I know. *sighs*
25th-Oct-2011 12:12 pm - ICQ weirdness
antenna girl
Dear LJ Genie,

I've suddenl;y started getting several "your authorization request for ##### was denied" from ICQ. Only thing is, I'm not *sending* any authorization requests.

Anybody know what might be going on? The system scans clean, so I don't think it's a virus on my end. But I can't see hoew a spammer could be sending out faked friend requests as my ICQ ID, either. Nor what good it would do them if they could.
8th-Oct-2011 09:00 am(no subject)
Actor: Bear Grylls on mountain
O LJ Genie, who is wise in the ways of Apple software errors,

A friend who is attempting to install iTunes on a machine running Windows 7, 64-bit, keeps getting the error, "The older version of Bonjour cannot be removed." Then it quits the installation for her.

She's attempted every (free) removal tool she can find, none of which can manage to fight Apple enough to get rid of Bonjour; she's tried manually uninstalling; and she's nearly to the point of following directions someone gave to go into the registry and get rid of the thing. To avoid her having to do so, does the genie have any wisdom that might banish this older version of Bonjour and just allow her to install iTunes already?

Failing that, does the genie have a reliable media program that can add to iPods (including a Nano and a Touch), including adding playlists, and still import counts and such off the iPods?

Thank you, genie; you are truly wise.
4th-Oct-2011 12:17 am - Transcribing from PowerPoint
Dear LJ Genie, who is a wiz with all things Powery and Pointy:

I am trying to transcribe the audio narration of a PowerPoint slide show. However, the person who created said slide show did not provide any kind of pause or rewind button on the slides. What this means is that I listen to a few seconds of the audio, stop the audio, type what I heard, start the audio over again at the beginning, listen to it until it gets to where I left off, listen to a few more seconds, pause it, type it, then start all over again at the beginning (beginning of each slide, not beginning of the entire slide show, thank goodness.) This is very tedious and very time-consuming.

What I am wondering is: is there a way to download/save the audio separately from the slide show so that I can listen to the audio on a media player? That way I'd have the play, pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons and would make it much, much, MUCH easier to do the transcription.
27th-Sep-2011 06:10 pm - Cover letter how-to?
Leia is hope
O Great & Powerful One,

I'm interested in applying for an internship with an environmental group & a cover letter along with a resume is required to apply. I've got my resume all sorted, but I've never created a cover letter. What does a good cover include? Any help is hugely appreciated! Thanks!

25th-Sep-2011 12:32 pm - Help for a Stranded Mac User of Word
Teatime of the Soul
O great, powerful and wise genie, can you provide some advice for a friend of mine whose situation is truly sad?

A friend of my recently loaded the Lion operating system into her Mac laptop. To her horror, she discovered that Power PC apps are no longer supported. This means that she can no longer write or edit in word, which means that years and years of her writing is now stranded.

Alas, Open Office does not operate on the Mac platform. I haven't been able to find decent instructions for her on how to convert her Word templates for use with Google Docs, which would certainly port over her docs with no other problems.

Can the genie suggest any Mac-friendly alternatives to purchasing a hideously expensive copy of Word 2011?
19th-Sep-2011 01:06 pm - Doctor Who Filk
antenna girl
Dear Ljgenie,

All the Talk Like a Pirate Day songs reminded me of a filk song I heard *many* years back.

A search for the chorus turned up a posting I'd made clear back in 1985, but nothing else.

If anyone can identify it, much less find a recording, youtube video or whatever, I'd be *ever* so grateful.

Here are the words from that ancient post:

The following has been transvribed from a *poor* recording.
Thus the (questionable) items
What do you do with a renegade Time-Lord?
What do you do with a renegade Time-Lord?
What do you do with a renegade Time-Lord
and a stolen T.A.R.D.I.S.?
chorus: Fade away the T.A.R.D.I.S. rises,
Landing materializes,
Blue Police box just disguises,
Gallifreyan transport

call for the Brigadier, he'll take over
all has gone to pieces

yates is a man the brig relies on
but only when he has to!

benton follows the doctors orders
the brig, he just goes there.

liz was the UNIT's first advisor
Til the doctor came and saved her.

Bentley's fast and stops on a dime
comes when e'er he calls her

here comes the master, run for cover
he'll cut you down to size

jo (joan?) the (simp?) has left the doctor
married a mere mortal

Sara jane is a good reporter
but the doctor is top secret

What do you do with a renegade Time-Lord
The Time-Lords are still asking.
16th-Sep-2011 03:49 pm - Looking to the land Down Under......
Leia is hope
O Great LJ Genie who never ceases to amaze with thy Epic Wisdom!

This might come across as an odd question, but I'm planning on relocating to Australia (Hobart, Tasmania, specifically) & I'd love to find a website that could help me, an American girl, meet an Aussie bloke who might be interested in a friends-but-possibly more kind of a relationship. I'm not sure where to start looking, so any and all help is welcomed & appreciated! Thanks! :)

31st-Aug-2011 05:04 am - Job stuffs
Great and all-knowing LJ Genie:

I need career help. I'm in my late 20's and have decided to go back to school-Unfortunately, I cannot take online classes for my chosen major, and am in some dire need of income. I have been unemployed during my mom's cancer treatments for the past 6 months, but as these treatments draw to a close, I need to find gainful employment and preferably something third shift and flexible. I started thinking about working at home, as some of my friends have chosen to do, but I am afraid they might be getting (I have no polite way of saying this) screwed over, and I can't afford to be financially screwed over at this time.

Any advice on what work-at-home jobs are legit, and only require a high school diploma?

(Cross posted to hip_domestics)
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