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Okay... here's one with some gusto..

Wisest of LJGin,

Dearest of LJGenies....

I have a regular expression problem I'm trying to solve.

The first part was easy.. the second not so easy...

I'll put it behind a cut to spare people the code foo...

A note, my regex mechanism is an application called BBEdit. It's basically using greppy regex. Parens loop capture text, \n references the capture text in order of the parens.

I have the following text:
Do something
Do something else

Do this
Do That
Do something entirely different

Pattern repeats.

I've figured out the following without any problem:

As a result I can easily do:

The trick is I am shooting for
<tr class="foo"><td>\1<\td><td>\2<\td><\tr>

where foo is the heading (FOOO | GLAR) to allow me to format depending on which one.

Unfortunately this isn't quite working:

that clusters the entire unit but I have no way to step thru the individual captures of (now) \2 to distribute the \1 into the replace.

Confused? Ideas? Waaah!
Tags: awk, grep, question, regex

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