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This community is basically for asking a sizeable community of people your answer-seeking questions.  A sample list of things you might ask:

* "I vaguely recall this music video.  It had aluminum sheets in the background, and a really earnest guy playing keyboard.  Who was this?"
* "I was advised to try procmail for my mail filtering needs.  I have [this setup].  Is procmail even possible?"
* "When setting a table for a dinner party where pearls and tuxes are expected, should I bother setting out olive forks?"
* "I am travelling overseas for the first time.  I keep finding conflicting information about baggage restrictions for International Ocean Air.  What do you know about this?"
* "I'm moving to the US, and planning to start a business.  However, apparently I need a credit history.  How would I go about doing that in the US?"
* "I want to buy a new camera.  I prefer [certain camera specs].  What would you recommend?"

Things like that.  Answers to obscure questions, requests for Google search terms assistance, tech support things, stuff and things, things and stuff.  Read pre-March 1 archives for more examples of posts that are expected here.



* All posts absolutely must start with "Dear LJ Genie" or some variant thereof.  You're asking the LJ Genie for assistance, so it pays to be polite!  Being silly ("O Genie, this supplicant humbly requests...") is totally, 100% fine and somewhat encouraged.  :)

* Please try to respond to the answers, to say whether they worked for you or not.

* Standard web community rules: don't be an ass, don't run so far off topic that it nudges other communities, don't spam, don't set people on fire, &c &c.

What This Ain't

* Leave your wank-bait and debate topics at home.  This is an assistance-based community, not a debate community.

* This is also not a relationship advice community.  This is an advice and answers community for all sorts of things ("what camera should I choose?", "what movie is this? [description]", and so forth), but not relationships.  "Thank you for asking, Mario!  But your response is in another castle!"

Basically, if you could easily see your post in a Dear Abby-esque column, then it's not for here.

* If you're just asking things to ask things, go to ask_me_anything or thequestionclub.


* I own it, and australian_joe, saveyoursanity, and I mod it.  If you have problems, email one of us at [ljname] @ livejournal dot com, or send one of us a PM.

* The first post you make to this community will be sent to the moderation queue.  One of us will then approve it, and will add you to the list of approved posters.  This cuts down on the chances of trolling, and makes expelling trolls a lot easier.  So don't fret if your first post takes a few moments to go live.  After that first, you won't run into this again.


We are not your doctor, lawyer, priest, or anything else of that nature.  Any advice received should be taken with a saltlick that has "Use at your own discretion, all involved are absolved" written on it.  If you want real medical/legal/whatever advice, the kind where you can sue if the advice is wrong, go see those folk in real life.